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Introduction to Guitar College Video Magazine
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Tired of 100 cable chanels and nothing good on T.V.? Let us help, Guitar College produces the first ever video magazine exclusively for guitar players. After input from our students over two years we decided the video magazine format is an idea whose time has come. Each video magazine is instructional, informative and entertaining and targeted to the adult guitarist. It is distributed on a DVD format and runs roughly two hours.

We are bringing interviews with professional players that we have met around the country and lessons from some great players who are excellent teachers as well. Although some of these players are not yet famous but are much deserving of your attention and recognition and will deliver some great lessons. Join the hundreds who have subscribed to Guitar College Video Magazine and keep your playing moving forward.

Guitar College Video Magazine is;

Instructional: Lessons from various teachers in blues, jazz soloing and comping, acoustic playing, country stylings, fingerstyle arrangements and more. Written lessons can be downloaded from this web page.

Informative: Interviews with players like Will Ray, Howard Leese, John Stowell, John Jorgenson, Thom Bresh, Bobby Broom, Doyal Dykes & Phil Keaggy, John Standafer, Mitch Holder, Pat Flynn, John Pisano, Jay Roberts, Steve Trovato, Chris Montez, Robert Conti, Andre Bush, Brad Rabushin and many more to come

Entertaining: We'll take you around the country to see major guitar and music events like the NAMM show, Dallas Musicfest, World Guitar Shows and Norman's Rare Guitars, plus show you players "On the Gig"

Additional segments:
"Tech Tips", suggestions with demonstrtions on guitar and equipment maintenance
"On the Road", taking you along with us to Guitar Shows, the NAMM show, Guitar Workshops, guitar stores, etc.
"Player Profiles", interviews and playing segments with working professional guitar players
"On the Gig", takes you to a variety of gigs for a first hand behind
the scenes look at what goes on.
"Guitar Gear" shows “hands on” demonstrations of useful products.

The video magazine also has sponsors advertising their products. Many of which we personally endorse and recommend for their quality and value. Advertisers now have the opportunity to do more than show you pictures like in regular magazines but can actually demonstrate how their products can meet your needs.

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Issue #14 includes
*Interview with Jeff Lindsky
*Muriel Anderson's "All Star Guitar Night"
*2007 NAMM Show Highlights
*Association of Fingerstyle Guitarist Concert Clips
*Fingerstyle Feature "Misty" Rich Severson
*Blues Moves with Andre Bush
*Kerry Godwin Acoustic Lesson
*Eric Elias DADGAD tuning song

Issue #13 includes
*Interview with Marc Cooper
*Muriel Anderson Interview
* Concert files with Muriel Anderson
* Sandy Hoffman lesson inTravis picking
*Fingerstyle Feature "Our Love Is Here To Stay"
*Blues moves with Gary Hutchinson
*Compin: the REAL BOOK," All The Things You Are"
*Acoustic Lesson with Eric Elias

Issue #12 includes
*Chris Montez, music, interview, sharing memories
*Concert files with Chris Montez and Rich Severson
* Fingerstyle feature " Call Me"
* Mini Lesson with Mark Cooper
* Dallas Jam with Gary Hutchison & Rich
*Blues Moves with Gary Hutchison
*Acoustic Lesson with Sandy Hoffman

Issue #11 includes
*A Tribute To Ted Greene - Special 25 minutes featuring video footage of Ted playing and memories of Ted from many of his friends.
* Things Ted Greene Showed Me (Artificial Harmonics )
* Karry Godwin acoustic lesson
* Friday Nite Jam with Rich Severson,Todd Johnson and Gary Newmark
* Namm 2006
* Fingerstyle Feature "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"
* Gary Hutchinson, "Blues Moves"
* Percussive Acoustic with Eric Elias
* Jazz Comping / Side Stepping with Rich Severson

Issue #10 includes
*Interviews with Jay Roberts & Steve Trovato
* Marc Cooper with T.C. Electronics
*Mike Murray-Intro to Jazz Lesson
*Fingerstyle Feature of "The Days Of Wine and Roses"
*Talking Techique with Steve Trovato
*Acoustic Lesson with Eric Elias
*Blues Moves with Gary Hutchison

Issue #9 includes
*Interviews with Nashville session guitarists Pat Flynn
*L.A. session guitarist Mitch Holder
*Rock soloing lesson with Steve Kuykendal
*Blues Moves with Gary Hutchison
*Modes and Polychords with Mitch Holder
*Fingerstyle feature “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

Issue #8 includes

*An interview and rhythm playing tips with jazz legend John Pisano
*A trip to “Guitar Night” with John Pisano and friends
*Product Profile with the Strum ‘n Comfort picks
*The Friday Night Jam with Todd Johnson and Gary Newmark
*Blues moves with a new instructor, Steve Kuykendall
*Another cool acoustic lesson with Kerry Godwin
*Fingerstyle feature “Someone to Watch over Me”
*Jazz improve lesson using the Harmonic Minor scale.

Issue #7 includes
*Interview with Robert Conti
*Interview with Andre Bush
* Fingerstyle Feature "America The Beautiful"
*The Dallas Musicfest 2005
*Andre Bush " Talking Technique"
*Acoustic Lesson with Karry Godwin
* Blues Moves with Gary Hutchison
*Intro to Jazz Soloing with Eric Elias

Issue #6 includes
view Intro

*Interview with Chicago Jazz artist Bobby Broom
*Playing with Ray Charles by guitarist Brad Rabushin
*The Making of a Beatle Bass
*Concert files and Blues Moves with Gary Hutchinson
*Fingerstyle Feature "It Had To Be You"
*Andre Bush "Modern Jazz Styles"
*"Guitar Tone" with Marc Cooper
*Acoustic Fingerpicking with Rich Severson

Issue #5 includes view Intro
* Interviews with Thom Bresh & John Standafer
*Travis Picking with Karry Godwin
*Guitar Gear with Marc Cooper
*The 2005 N.A.M.M. show
*Charlie Parker Bebop with Eric Elias
*Fingerstyle arrangement of "Tenderly"
*Continuing "Blues Moves" with Gary Hutchinson

Issue #4 Includes: view Intro

* Interviews with Phil Keaggy and Doyle Dykes
* Concert files, A collection of concert clips which can only be seen here
* More "Blues Moves" with Gary Hutchinson
* Walking Bass LInes" with Eric Elias
* "Talking Technique" with Doyle Dykes
* "Achieving Tone" with Denny Jiosa
* Fingerstyle arrangement of "Georgia On My Mind"

Issue #3 Includes: view Intro

* Interviews with Gypsy Jazz artist John Jorgenson & Raul Raynoso
* Country sideman Scott Dixon
* Back to Norman's Rare Guitars
* Fingerstyle arrangement of "The Shadow Of Your Smile"
* Blues with Gary Hutchinson * Gypsy Jazz lesson with Eric Elias
* Gypsy Jazz lesson with John Jorgenson
* Country pedal steel solos with Rich

Issue #2 Includes: view Intro

* Interviews with Howard Leese of Heart & Paul Rodgers and Will Ray of the Hellecasters
* Acoustic lesson with Kerry Godwin
* Blues soloing lesson with Gary Hutchison
* Fingerstyle arrangement of "Don't Get Around Much Anymore"
* Lesson with Eric Elias on the CAGED system
* Talking with "Bassist Extraordinaire"- Todd Johnson
* Harmonizing the blues scale with Rich Severson
* A Trip to Norman's Rare Guitars in Southern California
* Highlights of the Dallas Guitar Show and Musicfest

Issue #1 Includes: view Intro

* Jazz soloing and comping lesson
* Fingerstyle arrangement of "FLy Me To The Moon" with Rich Severson
* An Acoustic lesson with Kerry Godwin
* Blues soloing lesson with Gary Hutchison
* Interview with jazz guitarist John Stowell
* Product Review of the Boomerang Phrase Sampler and Hofner guitars
* A trip to the Winter NAMM show
* Tech Tips on stringing up your guitar

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