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For 30 years, the most affordable, effective and convenient home study guitar program. Developed by Rich Severson, artist, author, educator, and former GIT Instructor. America's most prolific online guitar instructor.
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  • Lessons for all levels of playing, from beginner to professional
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Students Talk . . .

I don't know what it is about your lessons - but they have taken me ahead in leaps and bounds in the last few months. I really enjoy them too - your relaxed approach really makes it easy to relate to you and to the content. I just wanted to say thanks!

Cheers, Shaune
Just downloaded your bebop blues course, all I can say, this is fantastic, thanks for the clear demos, your teaching style is very relaxed, looking forward to further purchases,

Best regards, Bill
Just a note to let you know that I really enjoy my first two purchases! I stumbled on a demo of yours and decided to give the products a chance. I was impressed from the beginning. Your teaching style on the videos is great and your arrangements are easy to understand and follow. I really like your re-harmonization ideas. Not overly complicated and a nice blend of finger picking and walking bass.

I look forward to more study time with you! There are a lot of choices out there and I'm glad I discovered your site! I plan to pass my recommendation and your link on to some fellow teachers and students.

Many blessings! Ted
I bought the 16 jazz lick series from you, it is great. I like the licks and I use then in my jazz and my jazz blues styles of guitar.

Yours truly, Rick
Hi Rich I'm from Australia. Just want to say I've learnt more from your lessons than I ever have in all the years I've been playing guitar.

God bless. David
First may I say many many thanks for all the invaluable superb lessons I am able to obtain from your 99cent college, every one a gem. I have just spent the morning on What are you doing the rest of your life,(simplified), excellent arrangement for any one like me coming to grips with jazz guitar. Once again my heartfelt thanks.

Best Wishes Max
I love your presentation and content of all the studies I have so far really good explanation and demonstration you are the best.

Kind Regards, Bob
Mr. Severson, you are a great teacher and your effortless playing is constantly inspiring!!!

Your student, Philip
Hey Rich just wanted to let you know that last night at rehearsal I was the subject of many compliments. I assure you they do not come cheap in this group. The horn player is a 40 year pro who has played with the NBC band and other big name groups, the bass player has played with more big names in jazz then I know, and they both were very impressed with the new chord voicing's and other great comp chords/rhythms you taught me.

They thought I was a real pro playing your version of On Green Dolphin Street. I learned the comp part you taught but when it came time for me to take a ride, I instead switched over to the melody chord part from your other video and added a few ad-lib licks and picked individual notes through the chords, with the horn it really worked as a minimalist type solo thing but was big and very smooth. I recommend your lessons to anyone trying to grow as a player. I Look forward to working on your solo stuff as well.

Anyway, Thanks, Joe